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Team Building using Conversational Intelligence®

A study reveals that 80% of people in the corporate sector regrets that their best talents are not leveraged at work. Jerry Manus in an article says “There seems to be unspoken ‘don’t ask – don’t tell’ mentality when it comes to people’s backgrounds” .

It is truly unfortunate that in these days when teamwork is so important people do no know each other’s backgrounds, the repertoire of skills, experience and wisdom each can bring to the table. It is a bigger shame when the leader does not know his team well.

In such teams you find a few who speak up aloud their views, opinions, perspectives and decisions are taken. Or the leader dictates members their task in achieving a certain goal, without getting their buy-in.

However, if the leader, with the skills of Conversational Intelligence®, created a ‘WE’ culture by giving each member an opportunity to share his/her resume with the others on the team. Or allowed each member to share what s/he is best at, then there would be a higher mutual trust and respect, a stronger relationship and bond. The voice of each ‘I’ in the ‘WE’ would be heard, where there would be co-creating by sharing (not withholding) and discovering of new ideas and insights. The leader would leverage the best of each team member.

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