Leadership, EQ and Enhanced C-IQ Coach

Executive Coaching

Instead of Executive Coaching, I prefer to call it Leadership Coaching. Leadership Coaching encompasses not only Leaders in the Corporate world but in the Defence Forces and also in other arenas viz. politics etc.

Leadership Coaching is self-directed, solution-focused one-on-one professional collaboration between a certified Coach and a Client who wants to better his leadership skills, access new perspectives and maximize his professional and personal potential.  Coach elicits client-generated solutions and strategies using a well-crafted process and powerful open-ended questions. This can, either, be done face to face or on internet (viz. skype) or telephone.

Very often people find themselves stuck owing to perceptions or behaviour at work. With rapid change in the business environment once useful ways become a hindrance to growth of the organization.

There are times when leaders are locked in their area of comfort and have difficulty to break out and reach for their true potential.

Recent Harvard Business Report shows that Coaching is primarily used either to enhance the capabilities of high performance and critical individuals in an organization. It is seldom used to change a ‘de-railing behaviour’ of an Executive. Coaching is “not a medicine for sick but a tonic for the strong”. Executives who get most out of coaching are those who have a fierce desire to learn and grow

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